To Avoid Demonetisation Disturbances, We Waived Off Security Deposit for ALL Bikes to serve you better

Terms and conditions

  • Rider will submit Original Pan Card/Voter Card and Photocopy of Driving License and will be returned when he/she will return bike safely.
  • In case of any Damage, Rider will reimburse PS Brothers for all expenses to restore the bike to original condition.
  • In case of Accidents, customer will pay the complete rent till the day the bike become reusable, Security deposit and all the original documents will be returned only after the repairs are completed. Rider will also pay the repair charges of the bike and if it is more than security deposit then rider will pay the excess amount.
  • All his/her documents will be returned only after he will clear his/her debt to PS Brothers.
  • Rider will pay to PS Brothers all the fines/penalties due to rider's Default.
  • Bike will be complete responsibility of rider.
  • FREE One helmet will be provided and for any Extra helmet rider has to pay 30 Rs./day.
  • Rider will be responsible for the companion's safety. Rider will follow all traffic rules and won't do Rash Driving.
  • Bikes won't be used for any illegal activity.
  • PS Brothers will not be responsible for any illegal activity done by rider.